School Jewellery



Robbie Chapman welcomes and invites you to experience Robbie Chapman Jewellery, the highest quality in crested jewellery, focusing on the education industry.

We understand jewellery. Its purpose, its intricacies and its emotional attachments. With over 20 years’ experience, we provide premium quality jewellery services with an exceptional customer experience. We challenge ourselves to meet the highest standard and we are able to customise our designs specifically to our community partners requirements. Resulting in a unique showcase of the institutions’ values.

We value building community partnerships within the education sector. As a partner we support the vision of investing in the foundations of the industry.


Over the years we’ve studied jewellery in all its forms, and we understand that the highest quality is a minimum requirement to reflect the exceptional experience of the institution.


We are very proud that every year we donate part of our profits back to our community partners as we support their vision and what they represent.

Each partner has the option to allocate our donation in line with their current programs – the majority either selecting their bursary program or endowment fund – giving us the opportunity to contribute to tomorrow’s future leaders.


Robbie Chapman Jewellery has an intimate understanding of the process from design inception through production to final presentation.

Every institution is different, and we work closely in partnership to ensure that the final masterpiece represents your values and requirements.


The significant value in owning our school crested jewellery, ultimately lies in the fact that you are now able to have a permanent reminder of your unique experience and the proud values of the institution.

Whether it be an item that is for sale throughout your institution or a keepsake departing gift for each student as they take the next steps in their journey in life, our highly crafted pieces will guarantee memories for a lifetime.

We welcome you to share our vision.