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Robbie Chapman


Robbie Chapman is an artist who creates timeless and exquisite jewellery just for you. He understands and envisions your jewellery as much more than a fashion accessory. It is the embodiment of your glimmering memories, your sparkling dreams and your vivid emotions. A custom designed item of jewellery by Robbie Chapman is a luxury statement piece to cherish forever.









Long ago, when people wanted to order the ideal piece of jewellery for themselves or someone beloved, they invited the travelling jeweller for a visit. Whilst this traditional home visit may no longer be a part of our modern lifestyle, Robbie Chapman will infuse your experience of purchasing jewellery with the same devoted attention, patience and warmth.

Invaluable Treasures

A bespoke masterpiece by Robbie Chapman grants you a deep and intimate connection to your jewellery. The value of his personalised engagement rings, wedding bands, remodeled designs and legacy items is therefore infinite. No store purchased item can ever compete with these invaluable benefits. As a full service jewellery design and production company, Robbie Chapman satisfies the precious jewellery needs of Sydney, Australia and all surrounding regions.

You Are a Part of the Design

When you commission a piece from Robbie Chapman, you enter into a partnership of creation. You will be involved in each step of the design process. This means that the finished product will possess elements of yourself and your essence. Your custom jewellery will display your own experiences and thoughts, given shape by Robbie Chapman’s skilled fingers, premium materials and priceless gemstones. Even if you are unsure of what you are looking for, our expert jewellery artist knows how to translate your impressions and preferences into the perfect design.

Excellence with Experience

As an award winning Master Jeweller, Robbie Chapman brings over 16 years of experience in the jewellery manufacturing industry to his refined and striking designs. Since 2015, he has worked closely with many clients to craft their ideal treasures, and his passion for inventing customised jewellery continues to flourish and intensify. Known as one of Sydney’s preeminent jewellers, he feels privileged to capture and preserve people’s most special moments in the most beautiful way.

Reflections from Around the World

Robbie Chapman has journeyed far and wide to different corners of the globe to forge connections in his profession. Throughout his travels and development of new relationships, he gathered a wealth of skills and innovative concepts to blend into his own visionary masterpieces. Each and every piece of jewellery reflects moments and images of beauty from artistic heritages around the world.