Lab grown diamonds vs natural diamonds – is a topic that has been creating a buzz in the diamond & jewellery industry for quite some time now. Lab grown diamonds are gaining popularity, particularly in metropolitan areas like Sydney where the cost of living is skyrocketing, and where many individuals are seeking an ethical and affordable alternative to natural diamonds.

Many are still unsure about the difference between lab grown and natural diamonds and what to choose for their jewellery needs. In my opinion, lab grown diamonds are a valuable addition to the jewellery industry.

These diamonds are created with a process that imitates the formation of natural diamonds, resulting in a product that is of equal quality or is just as good. Lab grown diamonds have become increasingly popular, and it is clear that they are here to stay.

The 5 benefits to choose lab grown diamonds:



1) Cost-Effective

One of the primary advantages of lab grown diamonds is their cost. With the prices of natural diamonds continually rising, lab grown diamonds provide an affordable option for younger generations who desire a larger, more substantial engagement ring.

One of the first lab grown diamond sales I ever made was to a young man who had just graduated from university and wanted to propose to his girlfriend. However, he had a limited budget and couldn’t afford a 1.00ct natural round brilliant cut diamond in a solitaire engagement ring, which is what he had his heart set on.

After discussing the benefits of lab grown diamonds with him, we were able to find a stunning lab grown diamond that fit perfectly within his budget. Today, he is happily engaged and planning his wedding for later this year.

More and more people are recognizing the benefits. On average depending on the shape and grade, lab grown diamonds are 30-40% less expensive than natural ones and sometimes even more. This is because lab grown diamonds are created in a controlled environment using technology, rather than being mined from the earth. As a result, there are no costs associated with mining, and the production process is more efficient, allowing for lower prices.


2) Ethically Sourced

One of the most important reasons to consider lab grown diamonds vs natural diamonds is ethics. While the diamond industry has made progress in recent years to address issues such as conflict diamonds, there are still concerns about labour practices and human rights abuses in the industry.

By choosing lab grown, consumers can be confident that their diamonds were produced in a responsible and ethical manner. The production is highly regulated, ensuring that workers are treated fairly during the production process.


3) Eco-Friendliness

Another advantage of lab grown diamonds is their eco-friendliness. Mining natural diamonds can have a significant environmental impact, with mining operations disrupting ecosystems and polluting the air and water. In contrast, lab grown diamonds have a much smaller environmental footprint.

They are created using renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind power, and the production process generates far less waste than mining.


4) Consistency in Quality

It’s commonly assumed that lab grown diamonds are of lesser quality than natural diamonds. However, this is not true! The main distinction between the two is their origin.

Lab grown diamonds are created using conditions that allow for precise control over their growth and characteristics. This means that they can be produced in specific colours and with fewer flaws/inclusions and also better quality of rough diamond which are all good things for the manufacturing process when cutting diamond!

Having said that, you still have to look for the good quality lab grown diamonds and have the same intentions that you would when looking for a natural diamond. There are some badly manufactured ones out there which should be avoided.

Also, when working with the diamond your jeweller should be just as particular about the quality of the manufacturing regardless of if the diamond is natural or not.


5) Availability

Finally, lab grown diamonds offer a level of availability that natural diamonds simply cannot match. Natural diamonds are finite resources, with only a limited supply available for mining. As a result, high-quality natural diamonds can be difficult to find and expensive to purchase.

In contrast, lab grown diamonds are produced on demand and can be made in virtually any quantity. This means that consumers have access to a wider selection of diamonds in a variety of sizes and shapes, making it easier to find the perfect diamond for their needs.

The introduction of lab grown diamonds has created a whole new world of opportunities for consumers who were unable to purchase natural diamonds previously.

It’s understandable to have reservations about lab grown diamonds, as it’s a relatively new concept in the jewellery industry. Remember, if lab grown diamonds don’t meet your needs, it’s okay to opt for natural diamonds instead. Lab grown diamonds are not intended to replace natural diamonds. Ultimately, the choice between lab grown diamonds vs natural diamonds comes down to personal preference and values.

If you are looking to purchase a lab grown diamond engagement ring in Sydney or any other fine jewellery, it’s worth considering visiting a specialist. Contact me to start the process of finding your perfect diamond.