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Jewellery Restoration Render

Jewellery Remodelling


Jewellery remodelling and restorations is wonderful way of bringing your old jewellery back to life.

So many people have jewellery that has been either passed down to them or just even old jewellery that they don’t want to wear anymore, and by working together we can design you a beautiful new piece of jewellery that you can wear instead of having in sit in the bottom of your jewellery box.

Contact Robbie Chapman today to discuss how to turn your old jewellery into a new custom made piece for yourself that can be cherished and worn in your day to day life.


For years, Robbie Chapman has offered professional jewellery design and manufacturing services to customers in Sydney, NSW. A passion for capturing emotions and memories in custom made pieces has given him a name of one of Sydney’s best jewellers.

From traditional designs to modern statements Robbie will create a special piece that will be loved by the wearer for many years. Whether you are looking for a platinum, gold, or even silver or copper there is nothing that cannot be produced with todays technology.

Robbie Chapman Jewellery is excited to hear about how we can help create your dream piece. So contact us today!


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