Robbie Chapman


Robbie Chapman Jewellery is a full service jewellery design and production company which services the region in and around Sydney, Australia. Offering the most trusted ‘come to you’ jewellery service available we are always excited to help bring your dream piece of jewellery into a reality. Creating a personal experience and maximising value for clients has given Robbie Chapman one of the industries best reputations.

Robbie Chapman Jewellery was created in 2015 based on a passion for working closely with each and every client in producing their ideal piece of jewellery. A focus on customer service and maximising value has led to exceptional growth.

Robbie Chapman is a Master Jeweller and Diamond Grader with over 16 years in the jewellery manufacturing industry allowing him to build a wealth of knowledge and experience.

For over 16 years my journey in jewellery has taken me around the world with links in Asia, New Zealand, Israel and the UK. Dealing with some of the most amazing and interesting people in this wonderful trade I feel fortunate to be part of something so amazing. The fact that I now can take all the skills that I’ve learnt from so many different people throughout my journey and use them to collaborate with my clients in creating their ideal masterpiece makes me feel quite privileged.