The Robbie Chapman 5 Step Process

Throughout all the years of selling high quality jewellery, I’ve refined the technique of producing time and time again the best outcome for each and every client. Everyone is different with different views of jewellery. I have constantly adapted to each person so that they walk away with their dream piece of jewellery. There have been countless times that a customer has thanked me for creating them a masterpiece. Ultimately, that’s what it’s about. Customer satisfaction and making them their dream piece of jewellery to last them a lifetime. 

As a result of these success stories, I’ve created the 5 essential steps that I follow when manufacturing a custom piece of jewellery for every customer. By going through all these steps, you will never go wrong. Below, I breakdown each of the 5C’s for you to note and even share with others.

1. Content – Knowledge & education

2. Character – Personality of customer

3. Customise – Tailored designs

4. Choice – Choice of designs

5. Creation – Creation of eternal love

#1 Content – Knowledge & Education

This by far is the best introduction to jewellery. Content is when I talk about the 4C’s of a diamond: Colour, Clarity, Cut, and Carat. Each one is just as important as another. There have been dozens of times when I’ve come across people that have heard about them and leant about them, but they still never fully understood them. Here, I take you step by step on what the 4C’s mean and give you a full understanding of why a diamond sparkles. In fact, I even give you a hands-on experience with looking at loose diamonds in their raw form. I love teaching and educating clients at this level so that they can have a full understanding of what they are looking at and what they are actually purchasing. 

Another thing that is coming up these days is the difference between Natural & Lab Grown Diamonds. Again, education for me is critical and this product is something I love teaching new clients about. Here, I go in depth of the origin of Lab Grown Diamonds and how it all began with provide the difference between Natural and Lab Grown Diamonds at the same time.

#2 Character – Personality of customer

The next 3 steps are incredibly critical to the outcome of the design. I feel like many people in the world are buying jewellery based on other people’s thoughts and decisions when there is only one question that really needs to be asked: What do I want to see in a piece of jewellery? If you want to understand the personality of a customer, then it’s important for you to ask the right questions about who the person is and what personal style they’re into. In other words, picture a person who wears loads of jewellery and has a particular style of jewellery. You need to be able to look at those external features in order to make a piece of jewellery that fits into their style.

#3 Customise – Tailored designs

The Customise step is where I really bring the dream piece to life by providing the options of design in the jewellery. Everything concerning how you want to visualise the piece comes to play: the height, thickness, widths, colour, shapes, sizes, etc. Every little jewellery detail known to man needs to be explained because I never want a customer to end up with a piece of jewellery and later discover that there was another way that the piece could have been made which would have been more appealing. I feel the need to give all my experience in jewellery to each and every customer. Coming up with the ideal design custom made for each and every client is an honour to be connected to.

#4 Choice – Choice of designs

After going through Step 2 & Step 3, this is where the piece starts to come together with the choice of design. At this stage, I have a clear understanding of the personality of the client, and we have gone through all the tailored options in design. Together we will continue to create the most perfect piece of jewellery with the ultimate outcome. This means everything to me because this is what the custom process is all about – working with each and every client on a personal level.

#5 Creation – Creation of eternal love

After we have the design and all is approved, the creation stage is where the handmade custom design comes into play. My passion is in every part of the process. I’ve been making jewellery since I was 15 years old, and nothing is more satisfying than creating something beautiful that can be cherished for a lifetime. I understand that the personal meaning behind a piece of jewellery, and that’s why I put my heart and soul into every piece like it’s my own. I make the piece for you, and at the same time, I make it for me. I’m involved with every step of the process in the creation of my jewellery right up to delivery and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I always make sure that the best outcome is there for the client. That’s my promise to you in the creation of love.