Frequently Asked Questions

I’m located in Darlinghurst in Sydney with being fully operational in and around Sydney. I design and take appointments wherever clients require as I’m the jeweller that comes to you. My place, your place, secret locations, completely up to you.

After making contact we will then go through process of exactly how I can help you achieve your dream piece of jewellery. We then organise a meeting date, time and location for us to go through and talk all things jewellery which from then I will provide you a quotation in whatever you require.

My consultations are all on your time. If you have 20 mins, I’ll make it 20 mins. If you have an hour, I’ll make it an hour. If you have as much time as you want, so do I.

Basically in 1 hour you’ll have a full understanding of the 4c’s and have a complete design direction on the outcome of your beautiful handmade Engagement Ring.

No there isn’t and I make myself completely available to you and work completely to your time schedule.

All jewellery is designed and manufactured here in Australia, supporting the Australian Jewellery Industry.

Any piece takes 3-4 weeks for production but if you are on a deadline and have a specific date that needs to be achieved, I’m sure we can work things out.

Yes, I am a jeweller with over 20 years of experience in the trade.

My jewellery is of the highest of quality in Sydney and what makes it affordable is that I have no big overheads attached. I design and work from home, so no rent required for a retail space. I have hundreds of designs, but I don’t hold stock of hundreds of designs, so I don’t need insurances for that. I also work independently with no staff. All the above points come into factor with the price of jewellery and that’s why I will always come in at an affordable price.

This is very important for me as I feel the average spend on an engagement ring is what you can afford. Everyone has a figure in their head, and I like to completely work into that figure and achieve the most beautiful piece of jewellery that my clients can afford. This is key as weddings can get expensive and I like to keep my part of the deal within the customer’s budget so that nothing blows out of proportion.

You may or may not choose me but please make sure of one thing. Just ensure that you feel completely comfortable with your jeweller and that you feel the trust that you want and deserve. Jewellery is such a personal thing and it upsets me when I meet someone who has had a bad experience with a jeweller in the past based on jeweller not providing the right service and the feeling of trust. I’m so passionate about jewellery in all its form and I like to work closely with each client to achieve their ultimate dream piece of jewellery. That’s what it’s about.

It is about educating the client and understanding who they are and knowing their exactly needs. This process is flawless and by going through these steps you’ll achieve the exact piece of jewellery of your dreams.

Yes. This is such a personable thing in my business as I understand what this means for each and every client. With remodelling and resorting over 50+ pieces over the past 20 years, it really makes me proud to say that this is one of the cornerstones of my business.

Of course, and wouldn’t have it any other way. If anything is required as a service after your purchase, please contact me for us to discuss your requirements.


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