During these trying times and ever-changing world, do you know what hasn’t changed?

People are still getting engaged and buying custom engagement rings! Sydney especially has experienced turbulent times, and in combination with life’s usual trials and tribulations, it’s uplifting to know that people are still falling in love and planning to get married.

This period is part of our history, and that will never change. What has changed is how couples search for, and buy engagement rings.

Living and working in Sydney has its challenges, but I’ve always tried to adjust rapidly to any industry changes, making sure I stay ahead of the curve.

Being in the custom engagement ring business, I know that most people start their search online, and a more recent development is that they also prefer to purchase a customised engagement ring, instead of opting for an off-the-shelf purchase.

And with Sydney being one of the top cities in the world, you have access to quite a few jewellery designers. But to find the perfect designer to match your expectations, you must do your homework.

Follow these 5 tips and start your journey to find the best custom engagement ring in Sydney!

Sydney Engagement Ring Designers Testimonials & Reviews

If a certain jeweller’s caught your eye, research their business online, especially their customer testimonials that specifically mention the custom jewellery process.

Many jewellers might have raving reviews for their ring design and customer service, but if you’re after an exclusive customised engagement ring, make sure they’re experts in their craft.

An even better gauge of a jeweller’s reputation is Google reviews. These authentic testimonials is a sure-fire method of confirming if a jeweller is a true professional.

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Are Customised Engagement Rings More Expensive?

The majority of people carry the misconception that a custom-designed ring will cost a lot more than picking a pre-designed piece from a jeweller’s available selection.

Luckily, we can totally bust that myth!

A jewellery store uses the same raw materials as a jeweller that specialises in custom designs, thus the pricing will be almost exactly the same.

But, by working closely with an expert custom design jeweller, you walk away with the engagement ring you’ve always dreamed about!

Design Your Ultimate Engagement Ring

Everybody’s taste is unique, and that’s exactly the way it should be and what I love most about my work and jewellery. Working with each person or couple, making slight adjustments and finally achieving their perfect piece, has allowed me the honour of creating a host of magnificent rings.

So, while exploring various jewellers’ website, select the one that display designs resonating with your preferred style. This ensures that when you finally meet and discuss your unique ring, your jeweller will easily grasp your ideas so you can enjoy a smooth process from start to finish.

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The Design Process

Every jeweller will have their own approach during the design process, but a non-negotiable should be that they have experience in both handmade AND computer aided design (CAD) for casting jewellery.

The reason lies in the quality of the end product. Some designs should be manufactured in a very specific manner, and your jeweller should take this into consideration from the initial design, right through to the manufacturing stage.

Unfortunately, if they haven’t mastered both techniques, you could end up with an engagement ring of lower quality than you expected.

Search for quality

When you embark on the journey of investing your precious time and money into crafting the ultimate dream engagement ring, you need to work with a jeweller that always goes the extra mile to ensure you get precisely what you envisioned—a premium quality, custom designed and manufactured engagement ring.

Follow these 5 guidelines when looking for that custom engagement ring in Sydney and enjoy the luxurious feeling of owning a one-of-a-kind piece.

With the power of the internet, it’s easy to discover the right jeweller for you.

Good luck with your search. I sincerely hope you find exactly what you’re looking for.

If you would like my help please feel free to get in touch here.

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