Design/Style – The first tip that I have for anyone when buying a gent’s ring is to definitely finding the design that suits your personal style. Do you want a plain ring, do you want it with detail, do you want it to have a specific finish like a satin or brushed finish? These are all little questions that you need to ask yourself from the very beginning.

Width – This is quite critical for any man as it all depends on the finger in general. You must get a width that completely in proportion to the finger. If you get something that’s too thin, it can look a little lost, if you get something that too wide, you might not be able to clench your fist correctly. This is something that you should always consider and test this if you can.

Thickness – Personally I feel you should never go any less than 1.2mm in thickness as making it too thin the ring can bend, think about 1.2mm it quite thin. For me personally and for the majority of my clients I always select 1.6mm and above depending on the design.

Proportion – Getting the proportion correct is something you’ll only really be able to tell but by paying strict attention to the width and thickness you’ll know what’s right and what’s wrong. As mentioned in design/style I suggest trying these things out and as much information as possible to get this right for you.

Size – Getting the ring size is the easy part as with any jeweller and jewellery store having ring sizes which are all the same. Just ensure that the sample ring size feels comfortable on your finger and not too loose or too tight.

Metal – Lastly there are 3 common metals that men usually buy for their wedding ring which is 9ct Gold, 18ct Gold and Platinum. Of the gold category 9ct is stronger than the 18ct gold as there’s not as much fine gold content in the ring causing the ring to be a better option if you’re wanting to save some extra cash for that special day. Now with platinum this is also a harder metal but can be on the top end when it comes to pricing especially if the ring is quite thick or quite wide but a platinum ring is a platinum ring with this metal staying white all the time.

You can see more mens ring designs here or feel free to contact me at any time if you wish to discuss any design or style you wish as I’m more than happy to go through with you – contact

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