Finding the perfect engagement ring to give the love of your life is a huge task to face. How do you know exactly what kind of ring they want? How do you prevent getting one that’s going to look dated in just a year’s time? Knowing the ins and outs of engagement ring trends is the answer to all of your problems.

Designs are constantly morphing and changing. It can be hard to keep up! But it’s still important to know, especially if you want to get your partner a choice all of their friends will be jealous of. If you’re interested in 2019 ring trends or want to get your partner the most stylish ring of the year, check out these timeless trends!

Antique Rings

People are now looking for engagement rings that combine all the things loved from the past with styles loved now. If you have a partner who’s into the classics or loves all things vintage, then an antique ring might be for you!

Say your partner adores the 1970. Then a modern rose gold band with an emerald cut diamond is just one of the ways you could give your partner the vintage ring of their dreams. Talk with a jeweller to find the perfect antique ring for your loved one.

Pear-Shaped Stones

Pear-shaped stones have truly exploded in popularity in 2019. All of the hottest young celebrities are showing theirs off. With a simple and elegant look, pear-shaped stones are a great way to give your partner a beautifully modern choice.

If you think your partner would want a ring fit for the stars, then getting one with a pear-shaped stone is a must.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is a classic staple of any engagement ring. While never actually going out of style, this timeless design isn’t going anywhere.

Yellow gold is a great and safe option if you don’t want it to look dated. Plus, if you’re partner has a much more laid back and simple style, a yellow gold engagement ring is the perfect ring for them.

So consider getting yellow gold if you want one that’s classy and not too over the top.

Minimalist Rings

Minimalist rings are becoming increasingly popular amongst couples in 2019. Not only are they small, dainty, and stylish, they’re also much more economic. Minimalist engagement rings come in all different shapes and sizes. However the most popular seems to be singular round stone with a simple gold band.

If flashy diamonds and big chunky ones aren’t up your partner’s alley, then consider looking into a minimalist engagement ring!

Getting the perfect ring for your partner to ask them to marry you sounds a lot scarier than it is. If your partner truly loves and care about you, they’re going to love absolutely anything you pick out for them. However, putting in the effort and trying your best to get your love the most stylish ring of 2019 will definitely go a long way!