Every part of the process when making a piece of designer jewellery is important. Everything from the very first point of contact, to selecting diamonds or coloured gemstones, to the metal and even up to the point of delivery.

With Robbie Chapman Jewellery we like to make the process as simple as possible for the customer so they feel comfortable with their Sydney jewellery designer and that they can trust what it is that we do best.


The customer usually reaches out to Robbie Chapman Jewellery via phone which first is a general conversation about what the customer is looking to purchase. Here in the phone call we determine the type of ring whether engagement ringswedding rings or gemstone jewellery. We also touch on design concepts, diamonds, coloured gemstones, viewing stones, budgets and payment process.

At this point we then organise a meeting so that we can further discuss and go in depth to the above and with this meeting we like to make it completely for the customer. What is meant by this is to not only help the customer and educate them with knowledge about jewellery but what we like to do is meet where ever the customer would like. See the majority of the time jewellery is a gift from one to another with the customer wanting to keep it completely private so that no one knows. Some examples where customers like to meet are either an allocated office or even in the comfort of their own home.


In this part of the process we like talk about the Robbie Chapman Jewellery 101 of Diamonds where we break down the 4 C’s so that the customer understands exactly what a diamond represents.

Another part of the process is about the design where we usually use the 2 different options for the customer.

  1. The customer will provide a design that they would like or even alter specifically for themselves.
  2. The customer will collaborate with us in designing their ideally piece of jewellery for themselves.

We also like to talk about the different metals used in jewellery and also discuss the design process used for a Robbie Chapman piece of Custom Jewellery


    With the design process we take our time in getting this part right so that it’s perfect for the customer so that they get exactly what they require.

    After either of the design processes used from first initial meeting Robbie Chapman Jewellery will provide the customer with images of the design that has been discussed.


    As for the production this all depends on the customer’s situation and we will work completely with them in achieving their exact date that they require for each and every piece of jewellery.


    After confirming a delivery date we will once again organise a meeting place completely around the customer. We like to talk about guarantee of the piece of jewellery along with after sales service if require and answer any questions that the customer may have.