Jewellery remodelling is one of the most personal parts of my profession and if I can be honest, it’s one of my favourites. Manufacturing any masterpiece is special for me but when someone approaches me with inherited jewellery from a loved one and askes, “what can we design and make from all this jewellery”? I really understand that this isn’t just going to be special for me, but it will be even more special for that someone.

“Depending on one’s situation at the time it’s something where I need to be careful and ask the questions within. Where did the jewellery come from? Was it inherited? Was it a gift?”

Is it a collection of their own jewellery that has no real meaning to the person anymore? All these things come into factor before talking about any designs to the client, but for me in the background it already has.

When remodelling jewellery, from my experience there’s 2 avenues which a client follows and they are either remodelling the jewellery so the piece is completely different to what their current piece or pieces are so it suits their own personal taste and style, or the other is remodelling their current piece or pieces so it looks the quite similar to what they have by just modernising the piece that they love so it can be worn rather that sit in a jewellery box.

The art for me is key with taking every client one by one as everyone’s personal style is different which must be looked at and with a different story which must be listened too. Paying attention to the detail is what I’ve always done and there’s nothing like remodelling and manufacturing a jewellery masterpiece for someone and seeing their face once it’s complete, especially in the remodelling of jewellery.