For the majority of men, their wedding ring will more than likely be the only piece of jewellery that they’ll ever wear and ever own. There’s no problem with this at all but there’s one thing that we feel about this which is if you’re only ever going to have the one piece, you may as well do it right.

See the thing when men go looking to buy their wedding bands they only really see what’s available from google images and the limited stock that’s in a jewellery store. That stuff is good for inspiration but below Robbie Chapman Jewellery has provides you with the essentials in getting the right ring for you.

1. The Classics – Half Round, Flat, Bevelled Edge

All these by far would be the most commonly sold mens wedding rings ever produced. The simplicity of these designs is perfect for a man that’s never worn a ring but the key is to know that these styles so you can select the right design for you.

2. The two tone

This design is really becomes quite popular as I would say this is the second most popular design out there. This is something for the man who just want’s that little bit extra by adding the edges on the side in a different metal colour.

3. The signet ring

A statement item where the majority usually get some sort of engraving on the top of the ring. Everything from scroll work, initials or even a family crest are produced as this really signifies one expression about themselves.

4. The inner sleeve

Not the most common design but to the buyer it’s quite personal because they’re really the only person, besides their partner, that knows about the different colour metal on the inside of the ring. This technic is done by having an inner sleeve inside the ring giving the effect of 2 different metal colours. Very subtle but a nice design feature for some men.

5. The inner sleeve with a groove

This being very similar to above but by adding a groove or multiple grooves it shows the inner sleeve which has a really good effect only if done correctly. What I mean by this is by having the groove in the correct position of the ring and with the groove also being the correct width. You wouldn’t want to do the groove too thin as then the inner sleeve colour would go quite unnoticed and might only just look like a mark through the ring. 

6. The Diamond Wedder

Quite rare these days but this would get the most compliments throughout. If done, I feel you really need to match this ring to the person’s individual style as if you don’t do this it can look out of place. You must look at the watch you wear and do you wear other jewellery. By looking into these minor things, you can align this piece perfectly to your style.

There are so many rings to consider for a man which I feel is fantastic as you can match the ring to your own personal style. If you are looking for some advice with a customised ring that is right for you I would be happy to help. You can get in touch here.