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Have you ever heard the quote “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”?  Your personal style counts! Whether it’s the car you drive, how you communicate or how you dress, people will make an assumption about who you are when they meet you. Are you the right man to go on a date with or to get the job or promotion you have been dreaming? Are you earning the respect of your peers?  An easy way to stand out and show your style is to start with the jewellery you wear.

Even if you have never thought about accessorising before, you might change your mind after learning how simple it is. Over the years I’ve helped many clients find jewellery that fits their current style or helps them take it up a notch in their social and professional status. Jewellery is the ultimate way to help bring a suit to the next level and allow you to stand out and express yourself.

Here are the top 5 types of men’s jewellery:

1) Watch:

You can’t go wrong with this classic.  As the saying goes “A well-tailored suite is to women what lingerie is to men”.  When it comes to choosing the perfect watch, the fit is equally as important.

One thing you must think about is your wrist size and proportioning the dial size of the watch to your wrist. Today you can basically get any dial size in the watch design or brand you want, so when it comes to choosing your watch go the extra mile in finding out the perfect dial size in proportion to your wrist.

Watch jewellery for a man


2) Ring:

When it comes to choosing mens rings you can be as subtle or as bling as you want. Do you want to play around with metal combos? Do you want to add precious stones? Do you want a wider or narrower width? It is actually easier than most men think to get something custom made that is perfect for them (and looks good with that new watch).

One thing to keep in mind when shopping around is that everyone’s hands are different, and I feel the biggest mistake men make when purchasing a ring is that they get the incorrect width. When you look down at your hand and at your ring, is it proportionally correct to your fingers? And if you are not sure, then maybe a custom ring is the best choice where you can work with someone like me to get the right fit for your hand. Here are some other tips for buying men’s rings. Let’s chat and I can walk you through the best choices for you.

jewellery rings for men


3) Cufflinks:

Now let’s start getting into the finer details of style.  When you start adding in these elements to your suit you show you have an eye for detail, which is especially helpful if you are trying to land that next big deal or prove to someone you will take the extra steps others might not be prepared to do.

I personally love a plain cufflink. For me it shows class and I find them to be a cost effective way to take your personal grooming up a notch. You can also make them super personal. If you want, you can usually match the colour of your cufflinks to your shirt, suit or tie easily.  Many shops sell matching cufflink colours to the shirts they sell. Investigate at the time of purchasing, as this is one thing that can look incredibly awesome poking out of the sleeve of your suit jacket.

cufflinks Jewellery for men


4) Tie Clip or Tie Bar:

Just like the cufflink this is something that can be perfectly matched when buying a tie. Not too many people wear tie clips these days, but this is something that can separate your daily wear from others. Remember what we said about attention to detail?

They can be as simple as you want and come in metal or wood or in creative shapes. Be sure that the width of your tie and the width of the tie clip work as one piece since they will always be worn together.

tie clip jewellery for a Man


5) Bracelet/Cuff:

These can easily be dressed up or down. There are so many bracelets out there – whether it is a plain gold cuff, a beaded bracelet or a leather cuff or woven bracelet. You can wear them subtly or stack them. I personally like a beaded bracelet when worn next to a watch.

Remember, when wearing a cuff on its own, always ensure it fits quite tight to the wrist so it’s not moving around all the time, which can become annoying.

bracelet Jewellery for a Man


The verdict?

Accessorising is all about your personal style and how it makes you feel when you wear it.
If accessorising is new to you I recommend starting with a watch or ring. We are one of the most popular jewellers in Sydney for custom rings and are happy to help you find the perfect fit. Contact us here to learn more.