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I was always nervous about getting my engagement ring. I’ve always been really fussy about jewellery and really wanted to get my ring designed.

Using Robbie to design my beautiful ring was the best decision I ever made. Robbie made the process so enjoyable and special, I really felt like I was getting just what I wanted. He was so attentive and came to our home. Going through all the stones he explained the quality and process of design so well. He really made the entire process so special for my fiancée and myself.

When I got the finished product I was absolutely ecstatic, it was everything I wanted and more. I get comments on my ring all the time & couldn’t be happier with it.


I recently used Robbie for an engagement ring, he met my needs which was way above expectation with design and price. Offered great advice with an honest and professional approach…. Safe to say we are using him for the wedding rings as well.


I can’t thank you enough for helping me find the perfect engagement ring for Alisha. To say she was over joyed when she first saw it would been an understatement. It bought her to tears. The personal touch of dealing with you directly made the process so much easier and I now know all about the four “C’s”. I will defiantly be recommending you to my brothers and mates when they are ready to pop the question.


I had no idea what I was doing and how much went into designing an engagement ring, but Robbie Chapman was extremely professional, gave me detailed information about the design and was really helpful with all steps along the way. More importantly, he made the selection process easy and my fiancée absolutely adored the ring and we still have people complementing it and how much it sparkles. Highly recommend him.

Scott White

Custom Engagement Rings


Robbie Chapman Jewellery is a specialist supplier of custom engagement rings to clients in Sydney, Australia. A custom designed engagement ring is likely to be the most important piece of jewellery that any women will wear. It is worn everyday so needs to match the style of the individual and its design befitting of all the emotions that your engagement represents. Whether you prefer traditionally styled settings with the perfect diamond, or unique coloured stone designs, we work with you to get the result that is right for you and your partner.

Robbie Chapman Jewellery will walk you through all the options in your designer engagement ring decision and help you to identify a design. If you already have a design in mind we can quickly create an accurate computer aided model to show you what it looks like and refine the subtle elements. Our personalised service and experience will ensure an enjoyable experience getting the best engagement ring at workshop prices.

Browse the gallery for inspiration on engagement ring designs which can be made from any precious metal with your choice of diamond or coloured gemstone. For the ultimate custom engagement rings Sydney has to offer – contact Robbie Chapman Jewellery.


Robbie Chapman is an award winning Master Jeweller who serves clients in Sydney. A passion for capturing emotions and memories in a custom made piece has given him a name of one of Sydney’s best jewellers.

From discreet engagement ring design services to birthday and wedding ring arrangements. Robbie Chapman Jewellery has the experience to make that special moment a memory that will last forever. With production including all metal types and a full range of gemstones and there is a perfect design waiting just for you.



From the beginning of time the solitaire engagement ring has been considered the most simple and elegant of the engagement ring designs. Classic in every way with also being timeless, this design has, and always will be the most popular design in today’s market. When Robbie Chapman Jewellery designs and manufactures any solitaire engagement ring we go into detail in every way with the height and width of the band, to the height of the setting of centre stone once the diamond has been set which helps give the customer a full understanding of the piece before completion.

Round Brilliant

Pricing starts from $4,800 (inc GST) for 0.50ct G/SI centre

Princess Cut

Pricing starts from $4,550 (inc GST) for 0.50ct G/SI centre


Another classic style engagement ring but just by adding that little extra to the design which helps compliment the centre stone, it really looks beautiful once displayed on one’s finger. The style of setting of the shoulder stones are just as important of the setting of the centre stone as they must match not only the design by it needs to reflect against the persons own personal style. At Robbie Chapman Jewellery, these are just some of the questions asked during the designing process.

Princess Cut Centre Stone

Pricing starts from $4,950 (inc GST) for 0.50ct G/SI centre

Cushion Cut Centre Stone

Pricing starts from $4,850 (inc GST) for 0.50ct G/SI centre


The halo engagement ring has become one of the most popular designs of recent but the most important thing when designing and manufacturing this piece is that the diamonds in the halo are completely proportioned to the centre stone and its design. This is one of the things that separates Robbie Chapman Jewellery from the rest, the detail that goes into each and every single design.

Round Brilliant Cut Centre Stone

Pricing starts from $5,650 (inc GST) for 0.50ct G/SI centre

Cushion Cut Centre Stone

Pricing starts from $5,300 (inc GST) for 0.50ct G/SI centre