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Legacy Collection


Robbie Chapman and its ‘Legacy Collections’ represents partnerships with selected schools in offering a high quality custom designed piece of jewellery to year 12 students, helping create positive memories for departing students and positive word of mouth for the school.

Over the past years, we’ve been working with either the schools P&C or P&F committees and also with members of school’s staff in achieving results not just in producing beautiful jewellery but with helping school’s in various ways such as –

*   Generate additional revenue

*   Strengthen the schools sense of community

*   Standing out in a competitive market

Another part of ‘Legacy Collections’ is about its donations. This is where we donate back a portion of each sale to the school, where they allocate the amount into the school’s bursary or endowment programs or a charity of their choice.

We work with a strict limited number of schools ever year, so if you’d like to explore how we could add value for your school, please feel free to contact Robbie Chapman Jewellery for a private consultation.